Eternal March

Art of 5 Deals

What the hell did we walk into?

There is a conference at the capital city between 5 of the major powers behind the war. The army needs some more funds to continue the campaign, so we have to make these people happy. We’re throwing a party in which you can mingle with them, and hopefully you can find what kind of gift that would show our good will towards them. We have prepared 5 different art-pieces in 5 colors each to make sure that we have on hand what a guest will like.

I will put it bluntly: This is a battle of the minds. If the guests get wind of our plan, the impact will be lessened. Your wit is your sword, your perceptiveness is your shield. This is a battle that you must fight and what must be won if we are to continue our military campaign.

At the same time, we know of some discrepancies in the paperwork. Each of our distinguished guests is an expert in their area and provide the army with the relevant supplies. Clear up our misunderstandings COVERTLY. None of the guests will admit to anything, so see what you can corroborate without asking the guest directly.


Gifts given:
madam: black painting
samuel: blue statue
baron: green vase
prince: red poem
duke: grey ring

8/10 correct.

Donovan died, wrote “follow the Zhent” in his blood.

Art of 5 Deals

Damn I wish I was here for this one! Sounds very much like something from the DisHonored videogame.

Art of 5 Deals

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