Eternal March

Trouble Ahead

Dude, Where's My Bridge

Orders have been retrieved by the previous session. We are going to be moving the camp to establish the next supply depo, so we are sending you to scout out the route. Be careful, there are rumors of Ogres in the area, and there is a confirmed Orc Kingdom living further up the Lone Mountain. If you can fashion any kind of short cut, then you will be rewarded.

The problem:
3 days out, there is a large river. The road turns south, and maps show that the road crosses the river at a bridge some ways south. The trip around is estimated to take a week.

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Players encountered the orc party by fighting among themselves.

They claimed their half-orc partymember was going to join the orc tribe and being escorted by a sacrifice (elf), a dragonborn priest for blessing, and a snack (halfling).

They entered the orc encampment and convinced them to build a bridge across the river and then take tolls. The orcs are now in the buisness of toll bridge in addition to their normal raiding party.

The toll fee of the army was negotiated at 1 copper a head and 5 copper per wagon wheel.

Trouble Ahead

The Elf convinced them that he was not only a great and powerful wizard but also that he wasn’t actually an elf, but a foreign subspecies of human so that they would not eat him. Lying remains one of the best superpowers in D&D. Also, I learned that they use colorful cloth as part of their economy.

Trouble Ahead

Party got reinforcements to KO the orc garrison. After 2 battles, they lost 20 people, 5 injured out of 50 people to kill 32 orcs, 1 goblin leader, and one orcish warboss.

They then successfully built a barge, modified a “barge hole” into it, and completed said bridge. Told the captain to make the bridge a toll bridge so the bridge will generate money for the army.

Afterwards, they gave all the documents to the army with a plan to impersonate the garrison in further reports to the orcish kingdom.

Trouble Ahead

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