Eternal March

Out with the old
Dealing with devils is easier than merchants.

Congratulations on your promotions. You are now in charge of your division.

Captain Donovan, who you are taking over from, had a plan to get the army through the merchant’s nation without having the army go bankrupt. He claimed to be able to do it with only 50,000 gold. Since you are succeeding after him and have his notes, you should be able to do just as good if not better than him. We look forwards to hearing your success once you’ve reached the far edge of Mesopotamia.

Items gained:
1 army
50, 000 gp
Donovan’s Notebook

Running Man
Going the distance

A superior is dead. A party member is missing. The murderer is running.

Time to regroup!

With one of your own absent at a murder where no-one else is missing and the highest security in the country to keep unwanted people out, you have to find the proper place for blame to fall before an innocent gets the axe. Use anything and everything to achieve your goal, but please don’t blow up the city doing it. This isn’t hafling town.

Art of 5 Deals
What the hell did we walk into?

There is a conference at the capital city between 5 of the major powers behind the war. The army needs some more funds to continue the campaign, so we have to make these people happy. We’re throwing a party in which you can mingle with them, and hopefully you can find what kind of gift that would show our good will towards them. We have prepared 5 different art-pieces in 5 colors each to make sure that we have on hand what a guest will like.

I will put it bluntly: This is a battle of the minds. If the guests get wind of our plan, the impact will be lessened. Your wit is your sword, your perceptiveness is your shield. This is a battle that you must fight and what must be won if we are to continue our military campaign.

At the same time, we know of some discrepancies in the paperwork. Each of our distinguished guests is an expert in their area and provide the army with the relevant supplies. Clear up our misunderstandings COVERTLY. None of the guests will admit to anything, so see what you can corroborate without asking the guest directly.

A Huge Problem.
Goblins, Orcs, What could be next?

Your last mission was to investigate the Orcish Kingdom to the north of our first Supply base. Its been almost a month, and the kingdom has sent several missions to both confirm and expand on your intelligence. What you provided was both impressively accurate and extremely useful, and you did it without tipping our hand with getting captured. Well done.

You’ve had some paid time off to hone your skills and rest up from the last mission. We were able to complete a second forward supply base in that time. We’ve spared you from the drudgery of finding caravans that break down and dealing with the bandits and monsters that plague the road, but we’ve had a problem recently and we’ve run out of units to send. Its also fitting that the problem has a tie to you personally.

About 4 days ago, an ogre was sighted along the road from Mesopotamia to the east of us. Two days ago, we found one wrecking one of our supply caravans and fought it off. It is wounded, and we were tracking it back to its lair when the news arrived. Yesterday we discovered that 5 days ago, a dignitary from Mesopotamia sent by the Lords Alliance was captured by a band of Ogres. We believe that they are nesting with the one we injured 2 days ago.

Your mission is to track down the Ogres, kill them all, and if possible, rescue that dignitary. We are light on intelligence on this matter, but we are giving you everything we can. We’re providing you with a tracker and a few healing potions, but we don’t have time to get you anything more. Everything else you’ll just have to have gotten from your normal requisition.

The Investigation
Sneaky beaky

Sometimes people find things. Things they aren’t supposed to. Things that are supposed to be hidden, forgotten. They will come to light eventually, no matter how hard people try to hide them. You can run from your past, but you can’t escape your fate.

Why did we let orcs build a bridge?

Its been roughly 2 weeks since you came back with your report. I still can’t believe some of the things you’ve said, but we have the proof of experience to tell us what you say is true.

Your report, as you’ve given it, tells me that you convinced orcs to build a bridge. They then negotiated a toll that is both payable by peasants and taxes merchants at a reasonable rate. While the lawyers and merchants are complaining about the loopholes of oxen charges and goods taxes, the generals are more concerned about this outpost of the orc kingdom. We need you to investigate it, and to determine what this orc and goblin alliance is all about.

The reason we are choosing you is that your intel on the situation is the freshest, and that your previous agreement with the orcs could be the basis of an inter-kingdom treaty. You’ve gotten good results so far, but now we are asking something a little more risky from you.

The two quickest ways are to get captured by the enemy and taken to their king, and to climb the mountain and record what you can see. You may want to do both, but if you do, there will be no rescue. We have readied some items to help you out with your task, but use them wisely since you won’t be able to resupply until you complete your mission. There will also be no support. Be careful and come back to us.

1 Spyglass
1 Wand of Animal Messenger (5 charges, no recharge)
1 Potions of healing each
1 Potion of Disguise self each.
5x Creature Carrying Capsule with a strip of paper inside

Bonus: Because you’ve gone above and beyond in your previous missions, you can choose one potion or scroll of your choice to take on the mission with you.

As incentive to return, If you succeed by coming back alive, I’m told that the Lords Alliance will be taking an interest in you.

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Trouble Ahead
Dude, Where's My Bridge

Orders have been retrieved by the previous session. We are going to be moving the camp to establish the next supply depo, so we are sending you to scout out the route. Be careful, there are rumors of Ogres in the area, and there is a confirmed Orc Kingdom living further up the Lone Mountain. If you can fashion any kind of short cut, then you will be rewarded.

The problem:
3 days out, there is a large river. The road turns south, and maps show that the road crosses the river at a bridge some ways south. The trip around is estimated to take a week.

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Our First Encounter

We are part of the vanguard. We are scouting and determining supply routes. We are 2 weeks out of our main encampment where the soldiers are currently training. We run a caravan every 3 to 5 days with supplies and new orders. We’ve gone over a week without any updates.

Its the party’s job as part of one of the newest groups to find out what happened. Backtrack along the route until you find out what happened, solve the problem if you can, and then report back. You’re taking a wagon, some supporting npc’s (cook, 3 warriors, 1 wagonwright) and some supplies.


Character Creation

The place is Asfel. The time is now. The event is war. As the political climate is still settling from the last war between Potash and Mesopotamia, Asfel begins its invasion of Ultra. Without forces to oppose, Asfel’s armies march across Mesopotamia and Potash to access the passes into the mountain nation of Ultra. Asfel has been planning this war for a few months as the pressure from a larger than normal population of peasants has strained the food supply. The reserves have been eaten down to 2 months left for the population when the army is launched. If the army is not victorious or has not found another source of food within the time limit, the army will have to dissolve. It will take a good month or longer for the army to get into place to assault Ultra, so supply lines will be stretched thin and any disruptions in food supply will cause the army to turn into a mob. To prevent this, some of the country’s best and worst have been crammed into one division for a single purpose: The spice must flow.

Current Characters:
Dragonborn Paladin (Acolyte)
Human Fighter (Urban Bounty Hunter)
?? Rogue (???)

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