Eternal March

Character Creation

The place is Asfel. The time is now. The event is war. As the political climate is still settling from the last war between Potash and Mesopotamia, Asfel begins its invasion of Ultra. Without forces to oppose, Asfel’s armies march across Mesopotamia and Potash to access the passes into the mountain nation of Ultra. Asfel has been planning this war for a few months as the pressure from a larger than normal population of peasants has strained the food supply. The reserves have been eaten down to 2 months left for the population when the army is launched. If the army is not victorious or has not found another source of food within the time limit, the army will have to dissolve. It will take a good month or longer for the army to get into place to assault Ultra, so supply lines will be stretched thin and any disruptions in food supply will cause the army to turn into a mob. To prevent this, some of the country’s best and worst have been crammed into one division for a single purpose: The spice must flow.

Current Characters:
Dragonborn Paladin (Acolyte)
Human Fighter (Urban Bounty Hunter)
?? Rogue (???)


You might consider doing a write up on the various countries and linking to them as it would make it easier to remember which is which, such as the one we are working for.

Character Creation

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