Eternal March


Why did we let orcs build a bridge?

Its been roughly 2 weeks since you came back with your report. I still can’t believe some of the things you’ve said, but we have the proof of experience to tell us what you say is true.

Your report, as you’ve given it, tells me that you convinced orcs to build a bridge. They then negotiated a toll that is both payable by peasants and taxes merchants at a reasonable rate. While the lawyers and merchants are complaining about the loopholes of oxen charges and goods taxes, the generals are more concerned about this outpost of the orc kingdom. We need you to investigate it, and to determine what this orc and goblin alliance is all about.

The reason we are choosing you is that your intel on the situation is the freshest, and that your previous agreement with the orcs could be the basis of an inter-kingdom treaty. You’ve gotten good results so far, but now we are asking something a little more risky from you.

The two quickest ways are to get captured by the enemy and taken to their king, and to climb the mountain and record what you can see. You may want to do both, but if you do, there will be no rescue. We have readied some items to help you out with your task, but use them wisely since you won’t be able to resupply until you complete your mission. There will also be no support. Be careful and come back to us.

1 Spyglass
1 Wand of Animal Messenger (5 charges, no recharge)
1 Potions of healing each
1 Potion of Disguise self each.
5x Creature Carrying Capsule with a strip of paper inside

Bonus: Because you’ve gone above and beyond in your previous missions, you can choose one potion or scroll of your choice to take on the mission with you.

As incentive to return, If you succeed by coming back alive, I’m told that the Lords Alliance will be taking an interest in you.

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I shall post Trixander later and start throwing slugs at LRhine’s round-ear ‘wizard’ I am making this post to make sure I have access.


Sneaked up and climbed a mountain. Fell many times. Sneaked up on an enemy sentry post and killed them all. 8 orcs dead, 200 exp each.

Finished climbing the mountain. Made a perfect map. + 1 bp, 500 exp each.

Used featherfall to descend the mountain before the orc sentries got to the bottom. sneaked past garrisons before they knew what to look for.

Sneaked to small orc village, found they didn’t know anything.

Went to closest large orc city called Orc Village #1. Wizard used flying familiar to scout the city. Party split up to investigate hobgoblin embassy and to fight in the local arena.

Paladin and Wizard used potion of disguise to impersonate a Hobgoblin and an Orc. Hobgoblin status got them into the embassy without question. Once inside, they insulted a Captain and challenged him to a duel. Wizard stole an orcish map and a Hobgoblin-Orc Treaty.

Rogue and Barbarian got into a gladiatorial duel to the death. After a close game, the fight was halted for the Hobgoblin’s duel of honor. Won 50gp for a tie.

Duel of honor’s stakes were death vs rank. Hobgoblin Captain would give up his rank if he lost, but would kill the opponent if he won. Duel was until first blood. Due to suspicions, Hobgoblin claimed opponent was using magic and wasn’t a Hobgoblin. Paladin confirmed this and forfeited the military rank. He still got the Armor, and was kicked out of the city.

Party snuck back to the human army.
Earned 4BP from Finding Hobgoblin Embassy, Getting Orc Map, Getting Orc-Hobgoblin Treaty, and getting a Hobgoblin’s Captain’s Armor. Each bp is worth 1 common magic item or 50gp worth of weapon/armor.

900 exp each for completing the mission with 4 BP.


What are BP? Also, I like the forward and back buttons. Thank you for adding them.


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